Sunday, August 13, 2006

$20 Bonus From Discover Card

I got a letter from Discover card last week, with a promotional offer of $20 cashback bonus with any purchase before August 31st. The card, which I opened in 1998, has sit in my drawer for a long time and I didn't even active it when I received a replacement card last year. This is definitely a good deal, so I called Discover this morning to active the card.

At the end of the activation process, I asked the CSR if I can get a higher limit on the card without a credit check. The current limit of $1500 was what I got when I opened the account. I told the CSR that the reason I abandoned the card was the low credit limit. After a while, the CSR told me to get a credit limit increase, they have to check my record, which I definitely won't do.

It's good that I only need one purchase to qualify the bonus, that's what I'm gonna do. To get the bonus, however, I have to wait two months before it can show up in my account.

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