Sunday, August 13, 2006

Trouble With Greenfield Online

Greenfield online is a company that provides paid online survey and I joined the panel last month. Since then I have been receiving nearly five survey invitations every day and almost all of them only rewarded me with an entry to their sweepstake, which I don't have much interest. Once in a while, they did send a survey that pays cash. However, for these rare opportunities, I always had problems and so far didn't earn any credit, not that I didn't qualify.

For example, when I took today's survey, I passed the screening and went through most of the questions. When I was asked the question "Any people under 17 in your household," I answered and pressed the button to go to the next page. Instead, I got a "Server error/Configuration error" page. I couldn't go forward so I moved backward and re-tried that question. The next screen I got said I already completed the survey. However, when I checked from my account, there was yet another sweepstake entry for me, not the cash prize. Then I tried another survey and the same error appeared and for this survey I even didn't get a chance to go to the third question. For this two surveys, I used with two different broswers, Firefox and Internet Explorer, just to verify that it wasn't my Firefox causing the error. Twice I got the same error message.

Before today, there were also a couple of times that I had the same problem, almost all near the end of the surveys. This makes me wonder if Greenfield online deliberately did this. Otherwise, why didn't they fix the problem? Or is it just me having this problem?

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