Friday, June 09, 2006

My First Post

Ok, now I have setup my Blog and am ready to write my diary. Before I move on, it's probably a good idea to introduce myself a little bit.

I am in the middle-thirties, married, and have a daughter. I have been living in New Jersery in the past nine years (long enough but doesn't mean I know every place in New Jersey), moved several times but never left. Now I am working for a wireless company as an engineer after several job changes in the past five years.

I started investing in 2001 (which many of you may consider quite late if not too late) and have been making regular contributions to my retirement accounts, as well as my taxable accounts. While trying to avoid impulsive buying, I however don't have a monthly budget and my spending sometimes seems out of control (I know that's bad, but it just seems difficult to plan ahead what you are going to do every month).

In terms of saving or intvesting, I don't have a target number (this may just give me an excuse of not hitting it), but I do have three goals I want to accomplish at three different stages. In short-term, we are considering getting a bigger house as the baby grows fast (maybe another one is coming), so we want to save for the down payment. In mid-term, we should be able to provide the necessary financial means to our children so that they can go to the colleges at their choices. In long-term, we want to be worry-free when it comes to enjoy our golden years.

Hope this Blog will help me achieve me goals.

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