Saturday, August 12, 2006

Oh No ......

Got lots of rebates to track?

I have been using a software called Rebate! Rebate! to track my rebate submissions for a while. It records the item, price paid, rebate amount, submission date, contact information, received amount and date, even the postage paid for rebate submissions. At the end, it shows a summary with my net savings and reminds which rebate is overdue. Actually, I was quite happy with the program until last night. After I entered my item, I was about to close the program when a message popped up, saying there was an error and the program needs to be closed. When I tried to restart the program after the shut down, I got another message and it was pretty: The file is corrupted and cannot be loaded!

Well, what can I say. Though I still have the hard copies, I lost all other information on which rebate I have received and how much. See, there are all kinds of software out there for your needs. But when it comes to reliability, a hard copy always has its value.

And never forget to back up!

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