Sunday, August 13, 2006

Response From Greenfield

It really surprised me this morning when I opened my mailbox and found the response from Greenfield, lease than 24 hours after I complained about the problem I had. Here's what I learned:

" ... there was some technical problem with the servers. This could have resulted out of heavy user traffic within the survey, or connection/communication issues between servers. At times there are server difficulties beyond ... control."

For those surveys that I was cut off:

" ... unfortunately you would not be able to retake this survey as (only one submission per email address) is our policy. This is to ensure the integrity of the data we collect and to meet our client’s policies and demands regarding the exposure of the material shown in these projects."

And for the future, though I didn't get the assurance that the same won't happen again,

" ... you will have many more opportunities to participate in our upcoming surveys and get rewarded for your efforts and the precious time you share with us."

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