Wednesday, October 11, 2006

30 Free Trades per Month from BoA

Bank of America is now offering $0 equity trade for customers with $25,000 or more in all asset across BoA deposit accounts, including checking, savings, and CDs.

Offer available with an individual or joint Banc of America Investment Services, Inc. (BAI) Self-Directed Brokerage account. If you have a combined total of $25,000 or more in your deposit accounts at Bank of America N.A., BAI waives its commission fee for as many as 30 online equity trades each month. When you make an online equity trade, BAI determines whether you meet the balance requirement to qualify that trade for the commission fee waiver. BAI adds the average collected balances in your checking and savings accounts as of the prior month to the balances in your CD and FDIC-insured IRA accounts as of the prior business day. If this calculation reflects a combined total of less than $25,000, BAI then makes a second calculation to see if the trade qualifies by adding the balances in your checking, savings, CD and FDIC-insured IRA accounts as of the prior business day. Offer applies only to online equity trades, including stock and exchange traded fund (ETF) trades. Standard commission fees apply when the balance requirement is not met, or when you exceed 30 qualifying trades.

While a minimum opening balance of $10,000 can earn 5.00% APY for a 7-month CD, the rate for money market savings account is only 2.40% APY for a balance of $25,000, which is quite low. 

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