Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Making Money With AdSense And WordPress

I guess all bloggers out there embeds some kinds of ads in their blogs to make money online while blogging, whether it's Google AdSense, Chitika eMiniMall, or text-link-ads. However, for new blogger who just started blogging and didn't have many regular readers, it probably will take a long time before any meaningful money can be made through blogging. In online advertising, traffic is the key.

If you Google "AdSense", you probably will find tons of websites offer tricks tips for making the best out of AdSense. I recently visited a site called WordPress AdSense System and found it quite informative. At WordPress AdSense System, you can find tips on how to build your blog to be AdSense friendly and how to generate traffics, which are two essential elements of making money using Google AdSense.

Take a look at WordPress AdSense System and maybe you can achieve your goal earlier.


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