Friday, September 08, 2006

Another Buy-And-Sell

Bought another wireless rounter today for $9.98 after $30 MIR. I intended to list it on Amazon (the lowest price on Amazon is $29.95), but could use it as a backup if it stucks in my hands. $9.98 is a good price for a 802.11g router.

I have added any new stuff to my inventory for a while and my little business on Amazon has been in standstill since middle of August, with only 5 items still up for sale (soon some will be delisted as the 60-day free listing period expires). Nothing to be excited about, but I sold more than $700 in the past two months and made $480 with a little effort (packing and trip to the post office).

When I started this in June, I promised my daughter (though shePublish didn't really understand) all the proceeds will go to her ING savings account. Do you think she will be happy once she knows she is $700 richer than two months ago? I know I will.

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