Friday, October 27, 2006

Mortgage Refinance Made Easy

Three years ago, when we bought our currently, we chose a 5-year ARM over fixed rate. The mainly reason was a favorable rate the ARM offered: a percentage point lower than 30-year fixed rate. At that time 5-year seemed far away and interest rates could only go lower. We were wrong on both.

With a little more than one year left on our ARM and interest rates headed nowhere but north, we started to think of refinancing our current mortgage and locking in a good rate before the high rate knicks in. During the research, one of our favorite places to get comprehensive information on mortgages, mortgage refinancing, and mortgage loan is Personal Home Loan & Mortgage, where I can get a instant rate quote, locate a broker in my area, calculate monthly payment for types of mortgages, fill out a quick application, and find useful discussion in their forums. Best of all, the information I provid is protected by SecureTrust which guarantees compliance with FTC regulations.

Personal Home Loan & Mortgage really makes my refinancing process easy.


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