Monday, August 28, 2006

A New Twist For Blog Ads

Last week I was searching about Google AdSense and followed a link that brought me to a site called Ontok. Interestingly, they also provide ad services, but in a more integrated way in my opinion.

For Google AdSense, what you need to do to place ad banners or blocks on your website so visitors can see right away. The ad service from Ontok, Ontok Highlighter, does it differently. Instead of placing the ads all over the place on your website, Ontok Highlighter searches your web page and highlights those terms that can be potential targets of advertisers and makes a hyperlink for each word it finds. Ads from Ontok will be displayed in a pop-up window only when hovering over the hyperlink, no click necessary. In this way, no ad is explicitly displayed on your website, which makes the web page look nicer. What attracting me most is that with Ontok, you can put several ad accounts, like from AdSense, Yahoo, and Amazon, together and Ontok will display ads from all of them in one window.

Ontok Highlighter may look like a competitor of AdSense since it’s also content based. If you are worried about violating the AdSense rule, Ontok offers some assurance. According to their website, “We do not compete with Google AdSense or YPN but serve yourAdSense or YPN ad code.”

Let me see how it really works out.

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