Saturday, August 26, 2006

A Little Good Side Effect

When I first inserted my Google AdSense code into the blog template, I just couldn't see any! The Google ad refused to show up no matter where I put it. I suspected that I didn't do it right, I even emailed Google and Blogger about the problem.

Well, it turend out that it's the Adblock extension of my Firefox browser that blocked the ads! If I disable the Adblock, the ads are right in front of me (wow there are sure a lot of ads on almost every website). Today I came cross a discussion of what to do if you accidentally hit your own Google ads, I realized that this actually is a bonus for me. This is no way I can click my own ads.

They are simply not there for me to click!

On the other hand, however, if everybody uses Firefox and installs the extension, is it possible that AdSense will no longer make any sense?

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