Thursday, August 31, 2006

Got First Issue Of Kiplinger's Personal Finance

I got the magazine for free from back in June with two-year subscription and I paid only $4.91 for S&H. I subscriped various financial magzines before, such as Money, Smart Money, Forbes, and Barron's, but only for one or two years. The reason I eventually terminated all of them was that I couldn't find time to read most of the articles (and most of them weren't that good anyway). For Kiplinger, I just want to give it a try, though I belive the magazine is accessable online. At least, what's on the front page, "Your toughest money problem SOLVED!" is eye-catching!

After a quick glance, however, I did notice one difference from other magazines. It has a complete list of all the mutual funds and 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, and 10 years performance. I am sure you can easily find this formation somewhere online, but it's good to have a hard copy. Also in this issue are the winners of funds in different catgories. I happen to own:

  • CGM Focus, winner of All-size-company funds, 1, 3, and 5 years;
  • Oakmark Equity & Income, No. 2 of Hybrid funds, 10 years;
  • Dodge & Cox Balance, No. 3 of Hybrid funds, 20 years;
  • Dodge & Cox Stock, winner of Large-company value funds, 10 and 20 years;
  • Bridgeway Ultra Small Co, winner of Small and midsize growth funds, 5 years;
  • Dodge & Cox International Stock, N0. 10 of Diversified international funds, 3 years;
  • Tocqueville Gold, No. 8 of Sector funds, 5 years.

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