Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Why Buy Used?

I got another item sold on Amazon today. This time, it was a cable kit, which I got for $1.00 AR, and the price I asked for was $5.35.

While my sale on Amazon has been going great so far, I can’t help thinking why people want to buy used stuff, especially computer hardware and electronics. Aren’t there also very cheap, brand new ones on the market?

For example, the cable kit I just sold was on early this month, with a listing price of $29.00 and a rebate of $28. I saw the potential of selling it on Amazon and making a profit. Even if I can’t sell it, one dollar won’t be a waste of money. So after checking the availability and prices on Amazon, I bought it. And only a couple of weeks later, I made several bucks from it.

This only reason I can think of people buying used stuff is that they buy it in a hurry. They have to use it right away, so can’t wait a good deal to come up. However, for the cable kit, it’s hard for me to see what the rush is. Another possibility, people hate rebates. Sure some rebates cause troubles and seem taking forever to get the check, but a good rebate from a reputed retailer shouldn’t prevent you from getting the product you want at a favorable price. Otherwise, you may end up paying much more.

If there is anything I want, I will take the wait-and-search approach. There are plenty of places where you can find good deals. My favorites include,, and Of course, and are always full of bargains.

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